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How to Buy FIFA World Cup 2018 Tickets { With Tickets Pricing }

Well Well Well I know how much you are excited to get your hand on one ticket of FIFA world cup 2018.  Yes, I know or else you won't be here searching for how to buy tickets of FIFA world cup, or where can I buy FIFA world cup tickets.  Anyway, you are in right place if you really want to buy FIFA world cup tickets for 2018 Russia world cup.
how to buy fifa world cup 2018 tickets russia

Let me make it clear now itself that we are not selling tickets for world cup nither we are affiliated to FIFA.  Instead, we are here to take you or direct you on the right track of buying a ticket for FIFA world cup.  Because we have seen many websites claiming that that are selling tickets of FIFA world cup Russia which is not true in fact its a scam. Yes, that is how those website earning money by scamming people on the internet. You may also like World cup schedule in HK TimeSchedule in CEST, Schedule in Singapore Time, World Cup Schedule GMT Time, Malaysia time schedule, Schedule in Easter TimePacific Time World Cup schedule

Anyway, the only site where you must purchase FIFA world cup tickets is the official website of FIFA. Yes, only from the FIFA website and not from anywhere else. Now that you know where you can buy tickets, don't just jump to that FIFA website. Why ? well it is because you still have many things to know before you buy tickets of 21st FIFA world cup. Or else you might get stuck in between while you are on your way to purchasing the tickets. And I believe that no one will like to take the risk as world cup tickets are not cheap. Anyway, without any more chit chat lets get to the points, lets hit the nail.

Things to know about FIFA World Cup 2018 Tickets

  1. Individual Match Tickets (IMTs)for all 64 matches are on sale. Venue Specific Ticket Series (VSTs) are available for all host cities, and Team Specific Ticket Series (TST) for all teams.
  2. Tickets are sold in four price categories, starting at RUB 1,280.
  3. The most affordable tickets in category 4 are exclusively reserved for residents of the Russian Federation.
  4. Special Access Tickets (SATs) will be available for disabled people, people with limited mobility and obese persons.
  5. Tickets are on sale during three sales phases from 14 September 2017 until 15 July 2018.
  6. The official website ( in Russian) is the exclusive online sales channel.
  7. Closer to the tournament, tickets will also be available over the counter at official FIFA Venue Ticket Centres (FVTCs) operated in all eleven host cities.
  8. Tickets will be sold domestically in Russian Rubles and in United States Dollars internationally.
  9. Ticket applicants will have the option to pay by Visa payment card and other payment methods.
  10. A maximum of 4 tickets per match can be applied for, for up to 7 matches.
  11. Each person who wishes to attend a match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ must have a ticket, irrespective of age.
  12. Tickets will be delivered by courier to customers. Tickets that are purchased after 3 April 2018, or if delivery by courier is not possible, are made available for collection.
  13. At the request of the Russian authorities, all fans visiting matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ need to apply for a FAN ID – the official identity document issued to fans.
  14. Ticket holders (i.e. ticket applicants and their guests) need to apply for their personalised FAN ID at
  15. Having a FAN ID gives fans additional benefits and services provided by the host country, such as visa-free entry to the Russian Federation, certain free inter-host city travel and free use of public transport on match days.
  16. FIFA does not assume any liability or responsibility in respect of the application, issuance and use of the FAN ID.

Read the above 16 points related to FIFA world cup tickets carefully, so that you won't have any confusion later on while you are purchasing the tickets or which you are on your way to watch the live world cup match in Russia.  Now let us get to the point when you can buy FIFA world cup tickets 2018. 

Sale PhasePeriod
Sale Phase 1
Random Selection Draw14 September 2017 - 12 October 2017
First Come First Served16 November 2017 - 28 November 2017
Sale Phase 2
Random Selection Draw05 December 2017 - 31 January 2018
First Come First Served13 March 2018 - 03 April 2018
Sale Phase 3
Last Minute Sales Phase18 April 2018 - 15 July 2018

Sale Phase 1

FIFA is selling the tickets for 2018 Russia world cup according to sale phase 1, sale phase 2 and sale phase 3. In sale phase 1 FIFA sold the tickets in two ways that are Random Selection Draw and First Come First Served.  

The Random Selection draw Period was started from  September 14, 2017, until October 12, 2017. In Random Selection Draw they the FIFA use some lottery system to sell the tickets. In which if you applied for world cup ticket and luckily your name comes out in the lottery. You will be notified of the ticket and then you will have to make the payment. Even if your name is not in lucky draw still you will be notified saying that you couldn't make it this time, so you have to try in next sale phase. 

FIFA gives you two option to apply for the ticket in this random selection draw which is you can either apply for Team specific ticket or you can apply for the venue-specific ticket.  If you are fortunate and get the team-specific ticket ( TST7 package ) you are ultimately getting the ticket for the FIFA world cup final match. And I hope you know how difficult it is to get the ticket for the FIFA world cup final match

Next is First Come First Served method. This method started from  November, 16 to November, 28.  The first come first served, is the same way we buy the ticket for any other events. Here you will go to that ticket website and see if there is any ticket available. If yes, then you will make the payment and you will get your ticket. It is just like flash sale where we have to be hurry and smart to get it. If you are fast enough, only you can buy the tickets.

Sale Phase 2

The second sale phase of FIFA world cup 2018 ticket started in December after the final draw.  When groups and schedule for FIFA world cup 2018 were revealed. Just like the sale phase 1, here also FIFA started distributing the tickets first by random selection draw ( December, 5 – January, 31 ) and then which was followed by first come first served period ( March, 13 – April, 3 ). 

If you failed to get a ticket on both the sale phase, don't worry there is still one more phase left for the sale of FIFA world cup tickets

Sale Phase 3

In both sale phase 1 and sale phase 2 there was random selection draw but this will not be the case in sale phase 3.  Yes, there will be no random selection draw in sale phase 3. In sale phase 3 tickets will be sold based on first come first served. so, Here you need to be smart to grab the ticket of FIFA world cup 

The sale phase 3 will start from April 18 and it will continue until the end of the tournament.  This sale phase is also known as the leftover tickets sale, which means the sale of tickets will continue till all the tickets of FIFA world cup get sold. That is why you must get it as early as possible. 

How to buy world cup tickets

Now that you know almost everything about world cup ticket. You are ready to buy one for you I guess. First, you have to visit official website. Over there you have to create your account. You can with your Facebook login or with your Google account login. 
apply for tickets fifa world cup 2018 russia

Once you have created an account on, you will be landed on one page where you will get the details of FIFA tickets sale phases. Just below that there is on option APPLY FOR TICKETS / VISIT “MY REQUESTS” PAGE. Click on it and it will take you to next page. 
fifa world cup 2018 buy ticket select country

On next page, you have to select your country of residence and your nationality.  Because of category 4 tickets are only for the resident of Russia. so if you are non-Russian don't select category 4 ticket.

Here now you have to select the game or the match for which you would like to buy tickets and then select the number of tickets you want. After it is done click on Add to Cart. 
buy ticket for fifa world cup 2018

Before adding the tickets to your shopping cart, you will get many options. So, you have to careful and follow on-screen instruction and then click on checkout option. 
fifa worl cup buy ticket your address

Here remember to give your real and proper address, as the address will be used to deliver the tickets to your doorstep. And also once you click on submit after that you can change the address that you have provided. That is why I'm advising you from before to be careful. 

Hope by now you have already booked or reserved FIFA world cup ticket by following our above simple guide. In case if you have any trouble in buying FIFA world cup 2018 tickets do let us know by commenting down below. We will be happy to help you out.   

Also, note that if you are from out of Russia you will require fan id to enter Russia during world cup to watch the match. To know more about fan id visit our page where we have discussed how and from where one can get fan card or fan id for Russia 2018 FIFA world cup.