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FIFA world cup 2018 Schedule ist Indian Standard Time with pdf

India has never made up for the FIFA football world cup but it doesn't mean Indians are not the football fan. If anyone assumes that he/she is totally wrong. In fact, there is a huge football fan in India too. So, seeing that demand only here we have decided to write down the FIFA 2018 world cup schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST). Below we have provided with the full FIFA world cup 2018 fixture in Indian Standard Time.
FIFA world cup 2018 schedule ist pdf
FIFA world cup 2018 schedule ist pdf

Also, you can download world cup schedule or the fixture in ist in pdf format. We have made it easier for you as you will be needing the fixture for the whole FIFA world cup. so, you can simply download the fixture pdf file on your phone or on your desktop for later reference.

Before you move to the Schedule which is in Indian Time, let me update you with the details of FIFA world cup 2018. Well, 2018 FIFA world cup is the 21st FIFA world cup and this year the football world cup is hosted by Russia. There is total 32 national football team qualified for the FIFA 2018 world cup including Russia.

Russia was awarded the right to host the FIFA 2018 in December 2010.  The 21st FIFA world cup will start from 14 June and it will continue until 15 July.  And ohh yaa how can I forget to tell you that this year in FIFA world cup you will get to see two new national football team. Those two football teams are Peru and Denmark. Yes, Denmark came back after a long gap and for Peru, it is the first time in Fifa world cup. 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Fixtures in Indian Standard Time

14th JuneRussia vs Saudi Arabia8:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.
15th JuneEgypt vs Uruguay5:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg.
15th JuneMorocco vs Iran8:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg.
15th JunePortugal vs Spain11:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi.
16th JuneFrance vs Australia3:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan.
16th JunePeru vs Denmark9:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk.
16th JuneArgentia vs Iceland6:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow.
16th JuneCroatia vs Nigeria11:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.
17th JuneCosta Rica vs Serbia5:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara.
17th JuneBrazil vs Switzerland11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don.
17th JuneGermany vs Mexico8:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.
18th JuneSweden vs South Korea5:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium.
18th JuneBelgium vs Panama8:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi.
18th JuneTunisia vs England11:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd.
19th JunePoland vs Senegal5:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow.
19th JuneColombia vs Japan8:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk.
19th JuneRussia vs Egypt11:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg.
20th JuneUruguay vs Saudi Arabia8:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don.
20th JunePortugal vs Morocco5:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.
20th JuneIran vs Spain11:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan.
21th JuneFrance vs Peru5:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg.
21th JuneDenmark vs Australia8:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara.
21th JuneArgentia vs Croatia11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium.
22th JuneNigeria vs Iceland8:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd.
22th JuneBrazil vs Costa Rica5:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg.
22th JuneSerbia vs Switzerland11:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.
23th JuneGermany vs Sweden8:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi.
23th JuneSouth Korea vs Mexico11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don.
23th JuneBelgium vs Tunisia5:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow.
24th JuneEngland vs Panama11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium.
24th JuneJapan vs Senegal8:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg.
24th JunePoland vs Colombia11:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan.
25th JuneUruguay vs Russia7:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara.
25th JuneSaudi Arabia vs Egypt7:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd.
25th JuneIran vs Portugal11:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk.
25th JuneSpain vs Morocco11:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.
26th JuneDenmark vs France7:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.
26th JuneAustralia vs Peru7:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi.
26th JuneNigeria vs Argentina11:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg.
26th JuneIceland vs Croatia11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don.
27th JuneSerbia vs Brazil11:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow.
27th JuneSwitzerland vs Costa Rica11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium.
27th JuneSouth Korea vs Germany7:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan.
27th JuneMexico vs Sweden7:30 PMCentral Stadium, Yekaterinburg.
28th JuneEngland vs Belgium11:30 PMKaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.
28th JunePanama vs Tunisia11:30 PMMordovia Arena, Saransk.
28th JuneJapan vs Poland7:30 PMVolgograd Arena, Volgograd.
28th JuneSenegal vs Colombia7:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara.

FIFA World Cup Schedule Indian Time - Knockout

Knockout Round of 16
30th JuneWinner Group A vs Runner-up Group B7:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan.
30th JuneWinner Group C vs Runner-up Group D11:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi.
1st JulyWinner Group B vs Runner-up Group A7:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.
1st JulyWinner Group D vs Runner-up Group C11:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium.
2nd JulyWinner Group E vs Runner-up Group F7:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara.
2nd JulyWinner Group G vs Runner-up Group H11:30 PMRostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don.
3rd JulyWinner Group F vs Runner-up Group E7:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium.
3rd JulyWinner Group H vs Runner-up Group G11:30 PMOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow.

FIFA World Cup Fixture Indian Time - Quarter Finals

6th JulyWinner Match 49 vs Winner Match 507:30 PMNizhny Novgorod Stadium.
6th JulyWinner Match 53 vs Winner Match 5411:30 PMKazan Arena, Kazan.
7th JulyWinner Match 55 vs Winner Match 567:30 PMCosmos Arena, Samara.
7th JulyWinner Match 51 vs Winner Match 5211:30 PMFisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi.

2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule IST - Semi Finals

10th JulyWinner Match 57 vs Winner Match 5811:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg.
11th JulyWinner Match 59 vs Winner Match 6011:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.

2018 FIFA World Cup Fixture ist - Play Off

Third Play Match
14th JulyLoser Match 61 vs Loser Match 627:30 PMKrestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule Indian Standerd Time - Final Match

Final Match
15th JulyWinner Match 61 vs Winner Match 628:30 PMLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule in pdf & Word file Download

And finally, here you can download the FIFA world cup 2018 fixture ist pdf and FIFA world cup 2018 schedule ist word file. You can download and keep it safe somewhere on your computer or on your mobile phone so that you can refer it back whenever needed. Both the pdf and word file provided here contains all the details related to schedule or fixture for FIFA 2018 like Venue, Date, Time etc. 

Due to some technical problem, we have removed the word file. If you at all need word file you can comment down or you can simply download the schedule ist pdf file. 

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